Friday, March 19, 2010


I cannot believe it has already been a week. A long week it was. Work was draining and I do not like that I feel so incredibly tired after work. This is not how it should be. Thursday was magnificent though and made up for the entire week. I feel indulgent on Thursdays as that is my day off. I usually do not sleep in and in fact am out of my place by 9 am sipping coffee at a cafe close by. Yesterday was no different. I also started the day off by reading my horoscope. This one I really liked and felt it resonated with me. Thank you NOW Astrologer. This Thursday was different though as I had a lovely jaunt in Queen East. I stopped in at a lovely cafe called Te Aro and felt that it immediately took me back to SF- Four Barrel to be exact. Except of course minus the regulars I came to know there. Carlos- the bike man, All About Coffee Man- Paul Madonna and the lovely staff there. Can you tell I miss SF? For a moment I thought you don't need to go to SF to get a dose of SF you can just head on to Queen Street, but that moment was dashed, but not in a bad way. Getting back to my great day though- after Queen East, I came back home and Ian and I went to the Farmer's Market at Dufferin Grove Park and then drove to yoga where we met Veena and had an amazing session and then dinner after. I am grateful for days like these.

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