Thursday, March 11, 2010

Birthday Cake. Thanks for the recipe 10 cent!:)

Birthday means a listing of things that I am grateful for. My 31st year was transformational. I have many people, animals, relationships and experiences to be grateful for. First and foremost I am thankful to my parents for bringing me into this world. They have supported me through so much. My beautiful sister who is my life and whose relationship I cherish and could not live without. Misha and heloise-bring joy and companionship everyday. My beautiful friends- new ones and ones I have had for years. K, B, J and new friend Flickr. Friends whose relationships have changed and or grown as we have grown. M, D, N, M, S. New relationships with land and people: U, I, E, K, S, I, J, S, D, A, J. Relationships where my past was re-written or untold or told but from a distance and to relationships where we connected by relating to the ridiculousness at times of the situation we chose to be in. B, S, and the beautiful people of K. To K where I learned to let go, to connect my body to the earth and feel weightlessness. To E and SF for letting me discover my passion. To C, E, E, K, S- beautiful people who I feel blessed to have crossed paths with. I hope to see you all someday soon. To Ia, an unexpected beautiful treasure I seemed to have stumbled upon. Here is to 32!

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